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Dec. 29th, 2009

Title: Wind's Gonna Blow You
Author: Suburban_Boho
Rating PG(ish)
Warnings: Death
Warnings 2: Unbetaed so all mistakes and awkward sentence structures are mine.
Disclaimer: I neither own nor no a damn thing. I'm quoting as best I can when it's a direct quote from Ringo- going off memory because when Geocities closed down, I lost the Maureen fan site I loved so much. No disrespect intended. I love Maureen dearly.
Date: 30 December 1994.
A/N: RIP Maureen. 15 years. Always indeed came too soon.
Summary: “Even when it's your ex, it's hard.”

If it weren't for the constant beep of hospital machinery, it wouldn't seem like anything too out of the ordinary. The room is lit well enough and comfortable. Maureen is lightly sleeping. Yep, nothing too odd here. Except it is highly out of the ordinary. It's unclear how many more of these visits Ringo will have with his ex-wife. Though she tries to keep up for appearances- laughing and joking when she has the strength, it's clear that the end is near. Too near. He turns away, trying to blink away tears that have sprung with out warning.

“Hey.” A faint voice that he'd know anywhere- even after over nearly two decades of being divorced, the pair have remained friendly. Something he's certainly thankful for now.

Quickly the ex-Beatle returns to his post by her side. “Hey. How you feelin'?”

Deep, dark eyes that have yet to completely loose their fire just meet watery blue ones and a wry smile graces delicate features. “Absolutely gear.” There is as much sarcasm in her tone as she can muster.

“I walked into that one.” A sheepish grin that makes the drummer look suddenly much younger than his 54 years crosses his features as he gently grips the all too frail hand.

It seems unfair – the procedure that was supposed to save her has backfired and is taking her from him. Well, from them all- Zak,Jason, Lee, her mother Florence (a parent should never have to bury a child), her new husband Issac and their (hers and Issac's ) six year old daughter Augusta. They're all here in this Seattle hospital, just waiting on the inevitable. They take turns spending one on one time with her, though Richard claims the biggest chunk of time. Not on purpose, it just happens that way.

“A bit.” Maureen manages, running her thumb along the back of the much stronger hand. Her facade fades away and her face turns serious. “Truthfully...I'm...” She bites on her lower lip, her voice dropping to a whisper. “Ready, I think. Well, as ready as I can be, I guess. I'm tired, Ritchie.”

“Maureen...” What can he say to that? Instead, he leans down and kisses her on the lips, lovingly and tenderly.

They sit in silence for sometime- it could be minutes or hours, neither bothers to look to see- Ringo just lays beside his ex-wife and holds her. Every now and again, a frail hand- her skin is nearly transparent any more, strokes the head beside her. He can only murmur “I love you.” over and over again. And he does. Just is no longer in love with her.

“I'm sorry about...what I did with George.” Her apology breaks the long spell. “And I don't know if I ever said how proud I am you finally got help for your drinking.”

“I forgave you both ages ago. I wasn't exactly a white virgin you know.” There is a weak chuckle in-between a swallowed sob. “And thank you. I wish I could've had the strength to stop sooner.” Blue eyes grow very serious before he looks up at her, eyes a mystery. “Can I ask a favor? It might sound...strange.” He shrugs as Maureen nods, eyes determined.

“Can you...when you get whereever it is...tell Johnny 'hi' for me? And Eppy too? And tell John I want him to look out for you if he's willin'. ”

“Of course.” Maureen answers, her voice very weak and tired sounding.

Soon, she fades off into unconsciousness. The other six wander back in silently, just in time to say their final good byes. Til the last, Richard Starkey clings to his ex-wife, gently whispering 'I love you'.

When asked the following day about it, he will reply “It's hard. Even when it's your ex, it's hard.” What the press won't ever know is just how hard it is and how much of his past went with her. As his long time mate Paul will write in his memorial song “Little Willow”- “Always came too soon.”

Always indeed came too soon.
Rest in Peace Mary “Maureen” Cox Starkey Tigrett. “Little Willow”.


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Dec. 31st, 2009 01:02 am (UTC)

“Can you...when you get whereever it is...tell Johnny 'hi' for me? And Eppy too? And tell John I want him to look out for you if he's willin'. ”

This is so sweet!

Although she definitely isn't my favorite (only Pattie is less favorite than her for me) I think this one is cute. Poor Ringo and such a sad story. Poor Maureen...

I love Paul's song Little Willow, I always think of her when I listen to it.

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